Automatic Retractable Leash
LIFETAILAutomatic Retractable LeashTechnology for pets, choose LIFETAILA Gentle PullAngled wider grain outletStainless steel coil springSpring 50,000 times stretching.High density cordage1.5mm wider, 0.8mm thicker, firm and wear-resistant, high tensile strength.5m rope length5 meters rope length, 140 pounds - 100,000 times strong test.Flexible ScalingLocking by pressing the spring-loaded buttonOne Touch BrakingRetracts freely and locks when the lock button is pressedTraction rope guided brake sy
Product parameters
  • Material: ABS、TPE

  • Weight: 0.4kg

  • Rope length: 5M
  • Size: 199*136*40mm
  • Max. tensile force:70kg
  • Use of pets: Dog

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