After-sales Problems
  • 1、Does the Favourite App have an automatic update feature?

    APP will update automatically when needed, the setting of APP auto update is related to your phone, your phone can update automatically if you turn on the auto update setting, if not, please set the function to turn on by yourself or do manual update in APP directly.

  • 2、What should I do when the mobile app prompts for device abnormalities?

    If you receive abnormal prompts from the device, the motor of the smart device may be working abnormally, you need to check whether the motor and the switch in place are off or working properly, it is forbidden to remove the machine with power to check

  • 3、Why does the registration of APP account sometimes fail?

    When registering APP account prompt failure, there may be the following four reasons: First, whether the network connection status is normal, reconnect the network if necessary; Second, the phone settings, the background of the app push switch is closed by default, please set it to "Allow", with cell phone butler and power saving tools, please set "Allow background operation"; Third, we provide cell phone registration, the format needs to be filled in correctly, otherwise you can not receive the verification code, if you do not receive the verification code for a long time, please check and retry several times

  • 4、How are the spoil on spoil smart products linked?

    The smart products are connected via wifi and can be operated by connecting to the network via mobile app

  • 5、Is there a backup power supply for the pet on pet smart products? What happens when the power goes o

    The smart device is powered by the main USB power supply and the backup battery. In case of power failure, the smart device can be powered by the backup battery. There is a battery power switch at the bottom of the smart device, which can be set by yourself